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Forms in any programming language are simply the form you use to collect data from the author to submit to the database.
  1. Code Articles
  2. Bootstrap Tags Input (Classic ASP and SQL Server Database)
    ASP and SQL Code are used to generate the records from the database to fill the JSON file.
  3. Classic ASP md5 Hash Login Script
    The code is a Classic ASP login script with SQL Server backend for your website using MD5 hashing for password security.
  4. SELECT Statement, INSERT Statement, UPDATE Statement, DELETE Statement, in ASP using Parameter''s, in the combat against SQL & XSS INJECTION
    It does not matter the coding language you are using; whether it is ASP Classic, ASP.NET, PHP, or other coding languages, when it comes to SQL And XSS Injections, we are all at risk.
  5. Send Email using ASP Classic and CDOSYS
    Sending email with Classic ASP, using the CDOSYS component.
  6. ASP Classic play YouTube videos on your page
    Allow your visitors to play YouTube videos on your site, brings your visitors closer to you in a way that is not typical of most websites.
  7. ASP Classic Linkify - Convert text links into Clickable URLs
    How to turn url text into actual clickable URLs is easy with the Linkify function.
  8. No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP Classic
    No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP Classic is easy to set up and use with this code to stop bots and minimize spammers.
  9. ASP Classic check if Zip Code exist, if not show message.
    In An ASP Classic US Zip Code lookup form, find any zip code in the US in this easy-to-use code.
  10. Classic ASP Database Driven Select Menu (Dropdown Menu)
    Creating an ASP Classic database-driven dropdown menu with SQL Server is easy with the following code.
  11. Classic ASP Fill select menu with records from a database, insert selected records with live updated data
    This Classic ASP code loads records from a database into a select menu then the user can insert the selected item into the database with a live JQuery view of the data.
  12. Classic ASP Column & Paging System
    This paging system includes Columning with Classic ASP. If your Classic ASP website has many records, this is your code. This will allow you to page through your records.
  13. Column & Paging System for Classic ASP
    Classic ASP Paging System, or Classic ASP Pagination, is a simple, easy-to-use system that allows your website to display many records on a more compact page instead of having everything load simultaneously, which is bad for your bandwidth.
  14. Populate triple drop down list from database using Ajax and Classic ASP
    Classic ASP & SQL Server on how to populate three drop-down menus for your website.
  15. ASP Classic Truncate string and show dots at the end
    ASP Classic, how to truncate a string and add dots at the end.
  16. How to get the file name from the URL and use it to display different data
    How do I get the name of an ASP Classic file with its extension to see what page I am editing?
  17. ASP. Classic - How to create a Reusable Replace Function
    How do you write a reusable function in Classic ASP that can be used on all ASP Pages?