Classic ASP
Article Entry Date: April 27,2022 @ 02:31:14 / Last Updated On: April 27,2022 @ 02:31:14
Active Server Pages© ASP was developed by ®Microsoft and released with their Server software packages.

Wikipedia ASP Article« wrote:
ASP 1.0 was released in December 1996 as part of IIS 3.0.
ASP 2.0 was released in September 1997 as part of IIS 4.0.
ASP 3.0 was released in November 2000 as part of IIS 5.0.

Throughout the years, I've often come across forums where people have stated that Classic ASP is a dying scripting language and that we (ASP Programmers) should move on to more relevant languages like ASP.NET. However, there are still high-traffic sites that still use the ASP language. For example, along with our company, Carr-Fox-Fire Promotions«, there is also the website which is a great inspiration to many web developers in the world,«, along with many others.
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  2. Forms (16)
    Forms in any programming language are simply the form you use to collect data from the author to submit to the database.
  3. Queries (8)
    A Query is either an action sent to a database to retrieve a record or to get information shown to the page from a URL or Form submission.
  4. Math (1)
    Math can help you format numbers or create rows and columns in your design to make things move around your screen.
  5. XML (1)
    When using XML with Classic ASP, we can process the data to deliver enormous amounts of data for use with Google and other data-hungry online entities.
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    Cookies are used in many ways to handle visitor information.