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CFF Coding Source has been around since 2011, and our promise has always been to share our knowledge with our community. With a new year comes a new design for our site and a new goal to make coding fun for everyone who wants to learn, with not only codes here but demonstration videos from our [YouTube«] channel to show just how to use what you find here within your projects.

All our Classic ASP« codes are ported to VB.NET« and C#« to cover all coding sources. We have worked very hard to make sure our codes are the best for use in your projects.
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Our first video on the new website.

In this lesson running from ESXi 6.5, we will install the following.
Windows 2016 Server Core
IIS (Internet Information Servers)
We will run two sample scripts to make sure
ASP Classic and ASP.NET are up and running.
Next, we will install SQL Server 2019
We will create a database and insert some sample records, and then
Run both an ASP Classic and ASP.NET script to make sure everything works, and we will
Do some error corrections along the way.

Full Script for this video
Windows Server Core Installation Complete Code for PowerShell and Command Prompt«

Individual Scripts.
Renaming Network Adapters and Teaming them together
Renaming Network Adapters and Teaming them together«

Enable Firewall rules to allow remote connections to your Server Core
Enable Firewall rules to allow remote connections to your Server Core«

SQL Server Core Installation Script
SQL Server Core Installation Script«

----------Microsoft Downloads---------
Windows 2016 Server (Register to download 180-day eval version)

IIS Manager for Remote Administration 1.2

SQL Server® 2019 for Microsoft® Windows Latest Cumulative Update

SQL Server Management Studio (Download the latest version)