• 3/10/2024 6:05:04 AM
  • Changing Domain Name Registrar
  • We have been with Domain.com for many years, but it seems they continuously increase the prices of their domains.
    What started as

    .com - $9.99 a year is now $16.99.
    .info - $12.99 a year is now $31.99.

    We are in the process of changing over to Dynadot.
    The first Domain to be transferred over is this one, cffcs.com and cffkb.com«. There may be a small downtime, and we ask that you please be patient as we transition.
    Off and on for the last few months, we have looked around for a better Registrar to host our domain names, but all the options we found were also high-priced. You pay a low price for the transfer or to purchase a domain, and then, in the following years, the prices are outrageous.
    Dynadot does not do business in this manner. Instead, you pay the following without any surprises, and what is most impressive is that you get Domain Privacy for free, instead of the nearly $18.00 a year Domain.com and other registrars charge.

    Check out the prices for your domain here. www.dynadot.com«
    Transfer - $10.19
    Renew - $10.19

    New - $3.85
    Transfer - $18.99
    Renew - $18.99

    CFF Coding Source - www.dynadot.com

    Thank you.
    Wayne Barron
  • 12/11/2023 7:58:30 AM
  • Fixed Code HTML Entities and "Code Paging"
  • Sometimes, we overlook issues, and thanks to Scott Watts from Experts Exchange from an email back on January 13, 2023, It was brought to my attention that I had some HTML entity issues in my ASP Codes. This has been fixed, along with an issue with one of the CODE Views not going to the last source code in the paging system.
    I'm not entirely sure what caused the issues with the CODE Paging System, but I had to rename the Tab name, and it went to working.
    But what is strange is that another code uses the same Tab Name as what was originally on the other Tab, and it works.
    Coding - Gotta love it, but sometimes it can drive you insane.
  • 6/10/2023 3:26:55 AM
  • Fixed issue with JavaScript copying
  • It seemed there was an issue with copying the Javascript code from the Code page.
    Not seen by the naked eye, were invisible characters. These hidden characters would cause the Javascript code to break.
    Viewing the error through Google Developer Tools, showed the following characters in place of all blank spaces "Â"
    This has been fixed with a simple script.
    We will be sharing the script used in a future article.
    Please continue using our services and let us know of any issues you may encounter.
    Thank you.
    Wayne Barron
  • 10/25/2022 4:31:13 AM
  • The New CFF Coding Source
  • CFF Coding Source has been around since 2011, and our promise has always been to share our knowledge with our community. With a new year comes a new design for our site and a new goal to make coding fun for everyone who wants to learn, with not only codes here but demonstration videos from our [YouTube«] channel to show just how to use what you find here within your projects.

    All our Classic ASP« codes are ported to VB.NET« and C#« to cover all coding sources. We have worked very hard to make sure our codes are the best for use in your projects.
    When looking at our code information, if there is a live code example with a source, you will see it on the left panel on that page.
    [View The Source Code For This Project]

    If you have any questions about the codes we have here, please get in touch with us by using the link at the top of the page for [Contact«]

    Our first video on the new website.

    In this lesson running from ESXi 6.5, we will install the following.
    Windows 2016 Server Core
    IIS (Internet Information Servers)
    We will run two sample scripts to make sure
    ASP Classic and ASP.NET are up and running.
    Next, we will install SQL Server 2019
    We will create a database and insert some sample records, and then
    Run both an ASP Classic and ASP.NET script to make sure everything works, and we will
    Do some error corrections along the way.

    Full Script for this video
    Windows Server Core Installation Complete Code for PowerShell and Command Prompt«

    Individual Scripts.
    Renaming Network Adapters and Teaming them together
    Renaming Network Adapters and Teaming them together«

    Enable Firewall rules to allow remote connections to your Server Core
    Enable Firewall rules to allow remote connections to your Server Core«

    SQL Server Core Installation Script
    SQL Server Core Installation Script«

    ----------Microsoft Downloads---------
    Windows 2016 Server (Register to download 180-day eval version)

    IIS Manager for Remote Administration 1.2

    SQL Server® 2019 for Microsoft® Windows Latest Cumulative Update

    SQL Server Management Studio (Download the latest version)