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ASP. Classic - How to create a Reusable Replace Function
Article Entry Date: April 18,2024 @ 03:39:55 / Last Updated On: April 18,2024 @ 03:57:06
How to create a [Reusable] Function in [ASP Classic]

Making a reusable function allows you to use the function anywhere within your code project.
I've been using this function for many years to help protect against [XSS injections] and have just used it in everything.

Copy the code below, copy and paste it into an empty page, and save it as Decoding.asp.
Encoding = Change the original characters.
Decoding = Change back to original characters.

To reuse this function, add an INCLUDE FILE to all pages on which you want to use the function.

The above example will
#1: replace the Parentheses with {curly brackets} and add underscores where spaces are at.
Output: Test_{This_is_a_test}
#2: replace the {curly brackets} with Parentheses and remove the underscores.
Output: Test (This is a test);

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