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SubCategory Entry Date: June 11,2022 @ 10:11:13 / Last Updated On: June 11,2022 @ 10:17:09
VB.NET or Visual Basic .NET was launched in 2002 as a successor to its original Visual Basic language, which is used widely on all sites designed by CFF Coding Souce using the Classic ASP VB scripting language.'
  1. Code Articles
  2. VB.NET - Upload Multiple Files with Thumbnail, Folders, and SQL Server Database
    Written in VB.NET, this upload script is very robust. Images are resized using the resizeImage() function. Creating multiple folders to store images.
  3. Create an XML Sitemap or data feed with ASP.NET using VB.NET
    Using ASP.NET with Visual Basic (VB.NET), we can create a Sitemap with XML that we can use with Google, Bing, and other search engines and Data-hungry sites to show updated content to your visitors.
  4. ASP.NET VB - play YouTube videos on your page
    Allow your visitors to play YouTube videos on your site, brings your visitors closer to you in a way that is not typical of most websites, and do it with ASP.NET VB.
  5. No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP.NET (VB Version)
    No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP.NET using VB.NET is easy to set up and use with this code to stop bots and minimize spammers.
  6. ASP.NET (VB Version) check if Zip Code exists If not, show a message.
    In An ASP.NET VB Version US Zip Code lookup form, find any zip code in the US in this easy-to-use code.
  7. ASP.NET (VB Version) Database Driven Select Menu (Dropdown Menu)
    Creating an ASP.NET VB Version database-driven dropdown menu with SQL Server is easy with the following code.
  8. ASP.NET (VB) Fill select menu with records from a database, insert selected records with live updated data
    ASP.NET VB.NET code loads records from a database into a select menu (Dropdown List), then the user can insert the selected item into the database with a live JQuery view of the data.
  9. Bootstrap Tags Input (VB.NET and SQL Server Database)
    Adding tags to your page is easy with this ASP.NET VB Script.
  10. ASP.NET Column & Paging System with VB.NET
    This paging system or Pagination includes Columning with ASP.NET VB version. If your ASP.NET website has many records, this is your code. Allow you to page through your records effortlessly.
  11. ASP.NET - How to create a Reusable Replace Function in VB.NET
    How do you write a vb.net reusable function that can be used throughout your entire script?