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SubCategory Entry Date: June 14,2022 @ 05:05:17 / Last Updated On: June 14,2022 @ 05:05:17
C# is a general-purpose programming language that you can use to build a wide range of programs and applications, such as web applications, Windows applications, and game development.
  1. Code Articles
  2. C# - Upload Multiple Files with Thumbnail, Folders, and SQL Server Database
    This upload script is very robust and ported over to C# from VB.NET. Images are resized using the resizeImage() function. Creating multiple folders to store images.
  3. Create an XML Sitemap or data feed with ASP.NET using C#
    Using ASP.NET with C#, we can create a Sitemap with XML that we can use with Google, Bing, and other search engines and Data-hungry sites to show updated content to your visitors.
  4. ASP.NET C# - play YouTube videos on your page
    Allow your visitors to play YouTube videos on your site, brings your visitors closer to you in a way that is not typical of most websites, and do it with ASP.NET C#.
  5. No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP.NET (C# Version)
    No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP.NET using C# is easy to set up and use with this code to stop bots and minimize spammers.
  6. ASP.NET (C# Version) check if Zip Code exists If not, show a message.
    In An ASP.NET C# Version US Zip Code lookup form, find any zip code in the US in this easy-to-use code.
  7. ASP.NET (C# Version) Database Driven Select Menu (Dropdown Menu)
    Creating an ASP.NET C# Version database-driven dropdown menu with SQL Server is easy with the following code.
  8. ASP.NET (C#) Fill select menu with records from a database, insert selected records with live updated data
    ASP.NET C# code loads records from a database into a select menu (Dropdown List), then the user can insert the selected item into the database with a live JQuery view of the data.
  9. Bootstrap Tags Input (C# and SQL Server Database)
    Adding tags to your page is easy with this ASP.NET C# Script.
  10. ASP.NET Column & Paging System with C#
    This paging system or Pagination includes Columning with ASP.NET C# version. If your ASP.NET website has many records, this is your code. Allow you to page through your records effortlessly.
  11. ASP.NET - How to create a Reusable Replace Function in C#.NET
    How do you write an reusable function that can be used throughout your entire script? C# reusable function, how to create a reusable function in, reusable replace function.