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Enable Firewall rules to allow remote connections to your Server Core
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Renaming Network Adapters and Teaming them together
Article Entry Date: October 20,2022 @ 06:04:06 / Last Updated On: October 20,2022 @ 06:58:31
With multiple network adapters in a server environment, you have two choices on how you will assign a name and an IP address to each card.
The standard method, which is the most used method, is assigning a unique name and IP Address to each card.
The other way, for Servers in a larger server environment, is to team multiple network adapters together and give it a Name and IP Address.

    Through a PowerShell prompt, copy and paste the following code changing the following to suit your needs.
  1. The number of cards, by adding or removing the lines "NIC-1" - "NIC-4"
    If you have 5 NICs, you will add an additional line with the [-NewName] of "NIC-5" and then add or remove the NIC-# from the last line.
  2. Change the [-Name] "Team-VLCore-01" to suit your environment.