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ASP.NET Column & Paging System with C#
Article Entry Date: September 28,2022 @ 08:22:46 / Last Updated On: September 28,2022 @ 08:42:31
This paging system or Pagination includes Columning with ASP.NET C# version. If your ASP.NET website has many records, this is your code. Allow you to page through your records effortlessly.

I needed assistance in getting this code to work like the original Classic ASP projects, so I went two«
The original code for this project was taken from«.
  1. Display your records in Columns
  2. Page through your records instead of displaying them on the same page.

This code does it all in one simple, easy-to-use script.
Customize the CSS code to suit your page.

The paging system was found online in 2010 and eventually found its way to the original CFF Coding Source site on July 12, 2012.

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