Welcome to the new Coding Source.
CFFCS.com (CFF Coding Source) is a site designed for those wanting to learn how to code, from someone that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community.
From ASP Classic and VB.NET to CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JQuery and AJAX, Database work with SQL Server and Access, and Delphi Code Programming for Windows Applications.

Our new Design allows for our visitors to gain access to every resource we have available.
Members can download available resources and can add source codes to their [Favorites] list, kept in their profile.

Most codes on the site are available for everyone, members and non-members. However, if there is a downloadable version of the code, you will have to be a member to gain access to that code. Do not worry. Registration is FREE, and Easy.

Our goal, is to provide as much information and resources as possible for anyone in the world that wants to learn how to do these things we do.

We look forward to providing you with the best source of knowledge on the web.
Thank you and please continue to enjoy CFFCS.com

Thank you
Wayne Barron (Carrzkiss)
Owner & Developer for Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions