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Cloning or Copying VM to Create a new Virtual Machine
Article Entry Date: January 28,2023 @ 07:59:06 / Last Updated On: January 28,2023 @ 08:20:19
In the attached video, I will demonstrate how to clone a VM from its original location to a new folder using PuTTY«. We will then create a new Virtual Machine or VM using the existing Hard Drive, otherwise known as the vmdk.
This method makes it easier and faster to get a new Server up and running and connected to an already live Server infrastructure.

The following scripts are what are used for cloning or copying Virtual Machines in either SSH« or a third-party program, such as PuTTY«

We use the CD (Change Directory) to go into a folder.

[Clone and THIN Provision]
(Make sure this is all on the same line, or it will not work.)

[Rename VD]

[Rename VMX]
(This makes a copy of the file, it does not rename it.)