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Use the tab key in a textarea
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Insert text from 2 inputs into a TextArea a cursor position
Article Entry Date: October 31,2022 @ 09:01:11 / Last Updated On: October 31,2022 @ 03:05:44
BBCode editor allows you to select specific text from a textarea, have that text inserted into an Input field, and then add a URL string back to the textarea.
This code can be used in forum-type websites, making adding URLs to your visitor's posts easy.

  1. September 02, 2010 - Originally posted and shared with the Coding Source Community.
  2. June 20, 2012 - Updated form elements and code
  3. October 31, 2022 - Updated with Selected text in Textarea.
    Original code source to Selected text («)
    To work with an [Input] field instead of DIV, code provided by: Michel Plungjan«