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[Liquidsoap Installation and Settings]
Characters allowed in Liquidsoap media file path
Article Entry Date: April 8,2024 @ 12:19:14 / Last Updated On: May 31,2024 @ 08:25:23
While working on our HLS and Liquidsoap server, I ran into some issues with our naming system and liquidsoap.
The issue was that liquidsoap could not play songs with a period or parenthesis in the name.
Example of what can't be.
The top one has parenthesis, and the bottom one has periods. Neither of these will play and will be skipped.

An error you may encounter will be something similar to this.
Liquidsoap Error wrote: Failed to find a file extension for
Response has unknown mime-type: "text/html" you may want to add it to
`settings.http.mime.extnames` and report to us if it is a common one.
2024/04/07 22:24:49 [procol.external:3] Error while fetching http data: 404 -
2024/04/07 22:24:49 [request.dynamic:3] Fetch failed: empty.

I will update this list when I have tested more symbols.
If you have a keyboard with a numbers pad on the side, you will use this to type in the numbers associated with each action. Except where Shift is used.

Symbols that will work but will cause a 404 error in your station log file, but if you start the station again it will play the stream, so they do work, just have to ignore the 404 error.

The method used for testing.
I created a new folder with the name The Folder with some songs in it.
I added each of the symbols between the words; the ones that streamed the song I kept, and those that did not were tossed.
The$Folder | The%Folder The{Folder} etc.