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Twitter Style Load More Results with jQuery and Ajax in Classic ASP & SQL Server
Article Entry Date: October 25,2022 @ 10:26:51 / Last Updated On: December 11,2023 @ 07:50:08
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Using Classic ASP to Load more record results from your database without loading another page or a paging system (Pagination).
Twitter was the first to utilize this function, and since then, every major site has used it, including us here are CFF.

When you set the default records to load, in the demo, we are loading five records, and when clicking the [More] button, we load more records until the end of the records in the database.

Javascript was updated to jquery.min-2.1.4.js from its previous version of 1.3.0.
The reason behind moving from 1.3.0 to 2.1.4
This was so we could use the following JS code to continue using the .live in our code.

I encountered the issue of using the .live while creating the demo code, which is run in an iFrame here on Coding Source. After a quick search, I came across the above code from stackoverflow From Liran Barniv«. After adding it, I had to update the JS link I used from 1.3.0 to 2.1.4.