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ASP.NET (VB) Fill select menu with records from a database, insert selected records with live updated data
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ASP.NET (VB Version) Database Driven Select Menu (Dropdown Menu)
Article Entry Date: July 31,2022 @ 09:37:58 / Last Updated On: August 14,2022 @ 05:45:01
Porting over from Classic ASP«
Creating an ASP.NET VB Version database-driven dropdown menu with SQL Server is easy with the following code.
With the following code, we can code our Select Menu with data from our database quickly and easily.
Not a lot of coding is involved in this project.

(Copy and paste are available on the Source Code page)
#1: We will create our database table and load the data for this project.
#2: Create a connection to our database for use in our project.
#3: Show how to close the RecordSet and Database connection.
#4: Create a select statement which we will then use to populate our select menu.
#5: Demonstrate how to split up files for better code organization.

Code for this project was provided by the following website
aspsnippets - Bind / Fill / Populate DropDownList control from database in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net«
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