SELECT Statement, INSERT Statement, UPDATE Statement, DELETE Statement, in ASP using Parameter's, in the combat against SQL & XSS INJECTION
Thanks to: R_Harrison from EE for his great information about XSS Prevention. This Demonstration will show you how to do the following:

#1: CSS (We will show you how to build a Table using CSS Attributes instead of HTML, which makes for a better and cleaner page and source code)
#2: SELECT (In this Demo, we will loop through the records and show you how to get all the records to show to the page)
#3: INSERT (Insert records to the database using SQL)
#4: UPDATE (After we retrieve the records from the database, we will choose the one we want to update)
#5: DELETE (We will get the records from the database and generate a ListMenu to choose the record(s) we want to Delete)
#6: Parameterized Queries (To prevent SQL Injection)
#7: XSS Prevention (To prevent XSS Injection)
#8: ProtectSQL and ReverseSQL (Custom script by Wayne Barron, to help combat SQL & XSS Injection.)


This is as simple as you are going to get. It is easy to hand-code your ASP/SQL, using programs such as
Dreamweaver and FrontPage among others, to do the Code Generation for you is a very bad idea.
The code that these types of programs create is what we in the Hand-Coding field call: Crap Code.
As you generate in DW (or) FP the code that I have here, and it will take up a lot more lines in your code page.

Enjoy and I hope that you learn a lot from this.
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Thank You
Wayne Barron aka = Carrzkiss
Insert a New Record into the Database
My First
My Second
Delete a Record in a Database
Choose Record
List of all the records to update
ID Names
26 Duke Barron
29 My First My Second
32 O''Riely 1234567890123456789

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