This demo was fully customized by:
Wayne Barron aka: Carrzkiss
You are encouraged to use this code to help protect your site
From all the idiots out there that try to bring harm to your
And your members. Good luck
Please add a link to the CFF Article page.

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Made better than ever.
Using Parameters to help stop SQL Injections.
Updated on: 3:33am EST September 15th, 2009

Updated on: 5:48pm EST May 21st, 2010
Added in Full Database connection, this will allow you to stop potential
People from downloading your database.

Update on: 6:12am EST June 22, 2011
Added in md5 hash for password logins. This helps for keeping your
Users information safe and secure behind a wall.
This all with the September 15th, 2009 SQL and XSS Injection prevention
Makes this code a very HIGH priority for any ASP Classic Developer.

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