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Textarea Character Count (Memo Field Character Count)
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Coding Article #: 35 - Published On: July 01, 2012 @ 04:35:09 AM - Last Updated on: July 13, 2012
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Coding Source - Textarea Character Count (Memo Field Character Count)
There are all kinds of Textarea Character Count's available through-out the internet. However, there is no to many that actually have a progress bar that helps to keep track of your characters as you type them in, that let you know when you are getting close to the limit of the characters allowed in the Textarea.
Allowing your visitors to know how many characters they have in the field, is not only a good thing for letting them know about the limit, but also, it is good to let them know how many characters they have actually typed into the textarea.
When the user gets close to reaching the required limit of characters, the indicator will turn a bright red, that will get the users attention, letting them know they have reached the end.

Works in all major web browsers.
This code does not belong to me, and was edited to remove all non-essential coding to make this as user friendly as possible.

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(This information is provided in the download now!)
To change the text length in the memo area, open the "autocore(4).js" file

Go to line 5
Look for:

Go to line 68
Look for:
{var max_length=10000;

Change these number to what you want it to be instead of the default 10000
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