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SQL Server Management Studio - How to alter the default value or binding of a table column
SQL Server Management Studio - Change Table Owner
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SQL (Structured Query Language)
Coding Article #: 1089 - Published On: February 13, 2021 @ 04:05:10 AM - Last Updated on: January 01, 1900
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In this script, we are going to change the table owner from the old owner to the default DBO owner.
This usually needs to be done when you are moving your database from a hosting company to either another hosting company or, to your own server.

Open SQL Server Management Studio
Right-Click on the database and choose [New Query]
Next, paste the following code and edit the [currentOwner] and the [newOwner] value. (New Owner is usually dbo)
Next, click the [Ecxecute] button

DECLARE @currentObject nvarchar(517)
DECLARE @qualifiedObject nvarchar(517)
DECLARE @currentOwner varchar(50)
DECLARE @newOwner varchar(50)

SET @currentOwner = 'Old_Owner_Name'
SET @newOwner = 'dbo'

SELECT [name] FROM dbo.sysobjects 
WHERE xtype = 'U' or xtype = 'P'
AND LEFT([name], 2) <> 'dt'
OPEN alterOwnerCursor
FETCH NEXT FROM alterOwnerCursor INTO @currentObject
   SET @qualifiedObject = CAST(@currentOwner as varchar) + '.' + CAST(@currentObject as varchar)
   EXEC sp_changeobjectowner @qualifiedObject, @newOwner
   FETCH NEXT FROM alterOwnerCursor INTO @currentObject
CLOSE alterOwnerCursor
DEALLOCATE alterOwnerCursor
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