Bug Fixed
Date Resolved: March 23, 2024
This issue was caused by the Subcategory not having any content related to it. When the page was loaded, this error would appear.
This issue was resolved by the following.
#1: I added the count to the Where Clause in the SQL Query.
(Demonstration article SQL Server - How to get only records that have content?«.)
#2: I changed the count to show only Subcategories with Content.
Date Reported: March 23, 2024
Bug ID: 3
Bug Title: Subcategories that had no content causing errors

Bug Description: Our Subcategories caused an error if they did not have any content related to them. The error is the following.
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a005e'
Invalid use of Null: 'Replace'
/data/Replace.asp, line 112