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Linux Ubuntu IP Address is not contained in Subnet
Article Entry Date: March 23,2024 @ 12:30:57 / Last Updated On: March 23,2024 @ 12:33:25
During the installation of your Ubuntu Server, you can have either a [DHCP] or [Static IP] address.
The Subnet address in Ubuntu will be the [Network Address], not the [Netmask].
In the Network Connections [Edit ens160 IPv4 Configuration]
When you think of a Subnet, you will think of this: Which is the [Netmask].

This will give you the error. is not contained in

This is because the above is the [Netmask] and not the [Subnet]/[Network Address] that is required.
[Subnet]/[Network Address]

For more information, please look at the Subnet mask calculator«.