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ASP.NET (VB) Fill select menu with records from a database, insert selected records with live updated data
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Bootstrap Tags Input (VB.NET and SQL Server Database)
Article Entry Date: August 19,2022 @ 02:20:02 / Last Updated On: September 5,2022 @ 10:20:45
(Original Source projects for this demonstration«)
Original Classic ASP Script«

In this article on the keywords or tags for your website, we will look at the ASP.NET VB Version with a SQL Server Database Table.
Adding tags to your page is easy with this ASP.NET VB Script.
Please follow the instructions on using the code and where to place it.
Make sure you save the files with their name on their designated tab.

Steps in this article.
  1. Create Database
  2. Create Table
  3. Add in our records
  4. Create our ASP.NET VB Pages
  5. web.config
  6. database.config (This is our connection string page)
  7. Tags.ashx (ASP.NET VB Version and SQL Code used to generate the records from the database to fill the JSON file.)
  8. Load.aspx (Build our page for our Tags panel)
  9. Load.aspx.vb (Page_load - Load available records to display to our page.)
  10. app.js (Build our Javascript)

(Follow the information in the link below for SQL Server to create your test user and database for all lessons)
How to use SQL Server Database Connection string«

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